Quick Fire Fitness – Sprint 8 Workout

I do like a good 60-90 minute exercise session but usually only get to indulge in this once a week. Otherwise, I want maximum effort with minimum time and I want to be… Continue reading

Beating ITB Syndome – For Runners

Since dropping out of the London marathon last spring I have struggling with horrible ITB friction. For those of you who have experienced it, you’ll know just how debilitating this deep, grazing knee… Continue reading

Let’s Be Grown Up and Throw Coins at Frank Lampard

If Frank Lampard stayed at West Ham, he might’ve ended up looking like this: Yes that’s right, he would have dreadful teeth, a square jaw and look absolutely terrible, as terrible as my… Continue reading

Thumbs Down to January Transfers

I don’t enjoy the January transfer period in the same way as the end of season madness. According to the laws of business, not football or sport, it will forevermore to be a… Continue reading

Ched Evans, Clayton McDonald and a Very Drunk Girl

I know a girl who goes out and really can’t handle her drink. I’ve driven her home before when she was in such a state she could barely get in the car, speak… Continue reading

It’s a ‘No No’ To the London Marathon – Battle Lost to Injury

It’s a ‘No No’ to the London Marathon I’ve been struggling with a lingering peroneal tendon injury for the past 8 weeks and even after a few miles it is as puffy as a… Continue reading

Dunking Hot and Cold – Conquering the Achilles Problem

I’m not a particularly good patient at the best of times, most of that comes from me wanting to administer the healing. If I didn’t have an innate creative desire to work in… Continue reading

Eric Abidal and The Liver Transplant

Last Spring the football world wished Eric Abidal well when he had a cancerous tumour excised from his liver, we didn’t hear too much more about his recovery until an announcement was made… Continue reading

Cross-Train Hard for The Next 3 Weeks – Food, Cycle, NO RUNNING!

My right achilles tendon isn’t happy. I’ve tried ‘one week on, one week off’, icing and some anti-inflammatories but as soon as I pack in a decent tempo run it swells up and… Continue reading

One Week On, One Week Off – Everything

The last few weeks of my first-attempt marathon training efforts have been somewhat blighted. The aggravated peroneal tendons have settled down beautifully and I managed 15 miles on Sunday afternoon without a twitch… Continue reading