Making The Best Out of An Underpowered Macbook Pro

I have a gig on 13th July at a beer festival in Kent, in fact it is a beer festival within the Kent county show at Detling and the booker has given me what he says are usually the busiest slots, now that’s a first. As I’m not a face on the local music scene I always get the dog dead stage times, understandable but a bit tiresome to be honest. I’m playing for 30 mins at 2, 3 and 4pm. This is the perfect antidote to my lack of productivity in the recording studio. Now I have a deadline of a few-ish weeks to create some tracks that are worthy of the general public potentially adding them to their iPhone playlists.

One problem I have is my Macbook Pro is seriously underpowered, any plans I had of using loops, synths, samples and any other beautiful sound I can lay my ears on are scuppered. The last time I put my head down to work on something vaguely produced was for the ‘Night of Glamour’ held by Greenwich Oxfam back in Spring. I spent a few days recording heartbreaking sounds and melodies and when it came to having a mix down (I’m no mix engineer, believe me) the Mac shat itself. I ended up with a half-baked effort that really is a demo! The ideal creative partnership for me would be a DJ/producer type who could take care of the mix/master and be an onstage companion too.

Now I will have to quite literally go back to my roots and produce a 4 track acoustic EP. Hopefully I can chuck in bits of piano and maybe the odd backing vocal here and there but it will be very basic and I’ll have to very much rely on the song to carry itself. My grand ideas of funk-blues-soul-disco will have to be shelved until my equipment is up to scratch.

If any readers are coming to the Kent show please do come and say hello, I may even have a CD to give you!


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