Are You Going to Bark All Day Little Doggy? No Ivanovic, I’m Going To Bite!


As soon as I saw ‘the bite’ I laughed really hard. It really is the sort of thing you only see adults do on film! Suarez has some serious impulse control issues and I really feel for Liverpool fans. He is one of the best players they have had for years yet he is so unruly, unpredictable and a bit of a wrong ‘un. Obviously they won’t want to sell him but if they keep him, they’ll have to get a secure dog run installed at the training ground and shell out to get the world famous dog trainer, Cesar for pre-season. Brendan Rogers best get stocked up on those little black dog pooh bags.

Seriously, if they want to keep him, I think they will have to drag his dirty laundry through public with a proposed punishment and recovery program. It wasn’t even like Ivanovic tried taking the ball out of his mouth when he didn’t want him to. Not long ago, I saw a 9 year old boy persist to wrench a manky old tennis ball out of his Labrador’s mouth, when the dog clearly didn’t want to release it. The dog was nipping the boy and close to growling and he didn’t even bite! I did try to intervene, but the child would not listen, he was dead set on getting that ball out of the dogs mouth. This youngster ironically, was wearing a Chelsea tracksuit.

I hope you like my photoshop take on the Suarez ‘bitegate’ incident, I’m a huge fan of Tarantino films. The sheer, wreckless bloodshed is actually cartoon-like in places, it is so unreal and the casting of Reservoir Dogs in particular was just perfect.

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