Park Runs are Great

I’ve been hitting the gym hard over then past 6 months and I’m stronger than ever but I haven’t really run for about a year due to running-specific injuries. That all changed this morning when I did my first ParkRun in Bromley. I forgot how hard running is!

I was happy with my 23:33 time over 5km and it has I inspired me to, in the words of the Spencer Davis Group, “Keep on Running”.

Now that the weather has perked up to a sweltering 5 degrees I’ll add more outdoor cycling and 2-3 runs a week into my weekly regime. I want to be running a 21ish minute 5km by the summer.

I’m often strapped for time between work and family so I’ll try to chuck those runs in when picking my boy up from school, that’ll be 3.2 miles uphill. He loves a bus journey home (I don’t) so killing two birds with one stone there then.

As my concentration span doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise that comes in more than 60-90 second increments I might head to the local track for some interval training.

It isn’t easy fitting a training regime into everyday life sometimes but where there’s a will, there’s a way!