Suggestions on Dog Registration


I spoke to Vanessa Feltz this morning on 94.9 BBC London about my ideas on licensing for dog owners and she pointed out that an expensive procedure could isolate lower earning people from owning dogs, for whom many are amazing life companions. She is entirely right, it is a minority who are too ignorant and damaged themselves to raise their dogs properly and it is that minority who put the general public at risk from attack.

My suggested public dog licensing program could involve some means testing. Whenever you adopt from a rescue centre, there is a suggested adoption fee, not everyone can pay this, although many do, the same could apply with a nationwide registration program.

By getting everyone to register their canine companions in a compulsory program it would give the government a good chance to disseminate information on training, dog behaviour and care. A few leaflets or links to videos giving instructions would be invaluable resources to those who don’t have the inclination, support or knowledge to do the research.

Online databases are easy to setup, they don’t have to cost the earth and are mostly automated these days. Dog owners could register online or at local council offices or even rescue centres. I’m sure animal sanctuaries could earn some money by facilitating basic training classes or helping people register their pets. Each registration point would only need a computer connected to the internet and a unique login to the database. After registration, (which requires producing photo identification and a utility bill) payment will be taken and a dog care package delivered digitally. For those who prefer paper and have additional needs, one can be sent in the post.

We need to look at it like the road tax system, if you don’t register your dog, you could get fined, a hefty advertising campaign would be needed to kickstart the process but it would be worth it.

Unfortunately, we cannot factor in for people who don’t take responsibility for their pets and no solution is perfect but there has to be action on the part of the government and it has to be soon, there’s no revolution without education!

No matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past; ask for help and it is never too late to move onwards, upwards, and into awareness.