Quick Fire Fitness – Sprint 8 Workout

I do like a good 60-90 minute exercise session but usually only get to indulge in this once a week. Otherwise, I want maximum effort with minimum time and I want to be sweating buckets and grunting like Monica Seles by the end of my reps! I started doing this workout after regularly doing circuit and other high intensity interval-style workouts for about 3 months. There is no reason why you can’t do it at your peak, whatever that is. By this, I mean a walk then fast walk, whatever your health and current fitness levels allow you to do. There is no reason why you can’t use this as part of a recovery program from injury too, it boosts general fitness incredibly quickly and is very good on the bike, in the pool, whatever suits your body and lifestyle.

If you want a very quick and incredibly effective workout try the Sprint 8. I’ll give a link to follow if you want to read into it in more detail but if you just want the bare bones and to have a go, follow this:

  • Warm up on for 3 minutes – I’ve tried every cardio machine in the gym and the best are the treadmill, spin bike and cross-trainer.
  • Increase your speed and intensity to very near your peak for 30 seconds, recover at a slow pace for 90 seconds.
  • Repeat 8 times hitting your absolute peak, where you feel like you need to put your head down or collapse off the machine between reps 6-8.
  • Warm down for 3-4 minutes. This part is really important. You might feel like you want to do a John Cleese wobbly-legged drop off the treadmill but don’t, stay with the motion, slowly for 3-4 minutes. You really need to do this to recover well because this is one of the hardest and most intense workouts you will ever do!

Now here is the crucial point when it comes to fat burning: NO SUGAR FOR TWO HOURS POST WORKOUT! I really mean it, if you want maximum fat burning and youth-enhancing hormone (HgH) production no sugar. You won’t want to eat because this exercise really tires you out.

I don’t eat for two hours post sprint 8 workout. I just have a pure vegan protein shake and at the very most some eggs with the yolks left raw or free range/organic meat strips.

I typically do two Sprint 8 workouts a week, along with 1.5-2 circuit hours and a weights workout. I’m just about to add a Sunday morning run to this schedule and as the weather warms up, I’ll cycle a lot more, most of those miles will have my 21kg 5 year old boy on the back! On busy weeks or those where I have to lock myself in the studio recording music, I’ll chuck in a couple of sprint 8s, do plenty of press-ups and walk/cycle as much as possible.

Example of my treadmill Sprint 8

Warm up for 3 minutes jogging at 10-12kph

  1. 17kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk
  2. 17.5kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk
  3. 18kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk
  4. 18kph for 30s –  90s 6.5kph walk
  5. 18.5kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk – By now, I’m really feeling it and gasp hard at around 20 seconds into the ‘sprint’
  6. 18.5kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk
  7. 19kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk
  8. 19.5kph for 30s – 90s 6.5kph walk – I really go for it on the last one and it bloody hurts but it is so short, it is bearable.

After 5 minutes still recovery, I drink a fair bit of water then go onto do 5 x jackknifes with the swiss ball and 5 x pikes and maybe 50 push ups if I’m feeling strong!

Then I collapse on the powerplate for a warm down and enjoy a well shaken chocolate Vega protein.

My body fat has reduced from 22.8% to 20.2% in less than three months, my muscle mass is at 25.7kg and fat mass at 11kg. I eat around 2000 calories a day, sometimes more but am quite specific with my post-workout diet and pretty much only eat food delivered from local farms or ethical sources. I am aiming for 18% body fat by the summer, but won’t be too upset if I don’t reach it given the time I actually have to put in at the gym!

Link for Sprint 8