Ched Evans, Clayton McDonald and a Very Drunk Girl

I know a girl who goes out and really can’t handle her drink. I’ve driven her home before when she was in such a state she could barely get in the car, speak or sit up. I would say she must have drunk 6 or 7 pints of beer (could have been snakebite) and a few shorts and mixers. For some, this isn’t enough to render us completely inebriated, we can do our best to have our wits about us on a journey home and stay safe from the kind of man who doesn’t care if we are totally shit-faced or not.

If this girl I know wasn’t frequently collected by family in her terrible states of intoxication she would be perfect fodder for a man who fancies ‘an easy shag’ for the night. There have been times when she has separated from her friends and ‘disappeared’ overnight. She may have been happy to go off with whoever picked her up or then again she may have just gone along with the whole drunken mess, feel dirty and rotten in the morning and just live with perpetual low self-esteem, self-blame and repeat the cycle again and again, and again.

On the odd occasion I have drunk far too much for my 56kg frame liver to handle I’ve always been compus mentus enough to call a cab or walk home, without any problems, but not every woman or man has the constitution to mentally cope with such a physical state of drunken-ness. I have pulled over when I see girls staggering about on the street and offered to help them make a call or get them somewhere safe, if I had a daughter, I hope someone would help her.

The straightforward message to the girls is to not get in that state, but life isn’t straightforward is it? There may be times when you lose control and get wasted; emotional insecurity, social and cultural peer pressure, bad times at work or with the family, overhanging (unconscious) pain from past hurts are some of the many reasons for doing so. But if you do get absolutely trolleyed and stagger about you will be at risk from that vile species of man who will take advantage of you for his own sexual gratification. The only physical contact you will have with a decent man in this state is if he has to pick you up, sit you down and possibly help you into a cab/ambulance! Any man who sees a girl is clearly hammered and attempts to chat her up (whether physically or verbally) with the prospect of having sex is an utter scumbag. It is a rape situation, however ‘dicey’ the evidence may be, morally it is rape.

Girls, it isn’t as simple as ‘saying no’ and men (the specific type of man I’m talking about in this piece), you have to seriously look at yourself and wonder why you need to have sex, instead of assist this helpless, drunken creature. When you are blind drunk, your ‘no’ is worth about as much as 2nd hand Primark clothes. Nobody listens to drunk people, their emotions are all over the place, their senses are screwed up and their will is seriously out of kilter.

So whether the evidence was ‘shaky’ in the Evans/McDonald trial or not, both of them are complete bastards who need a sabbatical in a women’s refuge centre and to spend a good portion of their wages on counselling to get to get to the root of their dysfunctional sexual desires and personalities. Call the youth and ‘footballers get so much attention’ card if you will, but I know lots of young guys who would’ve sat the girl down, got her a glass of water and called her Mum or best friend.

Girls, you might enjoy a drink but never put yourself in a weakened position, stay safe – don’t give a scumbag the pleasure or yourself the guilt and confusion, you’re better than that. If you are worried about your behaviour and its consequences, it really is important you take the time to find a counsellor, talk to a helpful fried or family member, don’t deny it and do some reading and soul-searching to make the changes that are vital to your emotional and physical well-being.

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