It’s a ‘No No’ To the London Marathon – Battle Lost to Injury

It’s a ‘No No’ to the London Marathon

I’ve been struggling with a lingering peroneal tendon injury for the past 8 weeks and even after a few miles it is as puffy as a magic dragon and I feel like someone has tightened a pulley across the side of my foot up to the achilles tendon.

I have buried my head in the sand over it but finally had a sharp nudge in the ribs to get it looked at! Expert doc did a scan and suggested there could be a deep injury to the peroneal tendons, that may have occurred when I broke the 5th metatarsal back in May 2011. He wants me to have an MRI and then ‘take it from there’. The problem isn’t affecting my day to day activities but one thumb in the injured area and I’m flinching like a prizewinning fish out of water, this is not good.

3 weeks ago when I was advised to cross-train hard and not run at all until the marathon, I was also advised that doing the marathon may cause considerably more damage to the injury and possibly put me out for months afterwards. For someone who is quite taken by running, this prognosis was not well-received! My plan is to push really hard for faster and faster 10km and half-marathon times until the winter.

Enough of the ramble now, I won’t be running the London Marathon this year, I’ve put off pulling out, in the hope that rest and cross-training will ‘do the trick’ but it appears something deeper and more serious is at play here with these damned peroneal tendons.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to Children’s LIver disease. I can of course, arrange for your funds to be returned but if you wish for your donations to stand, I will be running 10kms and half-marathons throughout the year and continuously raising money for Children’s Liver Disease as and when I can!