Cross-Train Hard for The Next 3 Weeks – Food, Cycle, NO RUNNING!

My right achilles tendon isn’t happy. I’ve tried ‘one week on, one week off’, icing and some anti-inflammatories but as soon as I pack in a decent tempo run it swells up and feels tight as you like. 75mg diclofex was the prescription, one in the morning, one in the evening, but after three days I started to feel a bit strange, and not in a psychdelic weekend-at-Glastonbury kind of way!

The swelling has become more stubborn to shift, the deeper I’ve got into training. The pain has given way now after a week of rest so Mr Physio is going to get his painful hands stuck into me, joy. I’m not going to get into moaning about those nervy digs they give because even though they hurt, you know it is working! I’d rather a tough ten minutes with a physio than more anti-inflammatories anyway!

Cross-training is the prescription for my remaining weeks first-time-marathon-training. I’m doing 16-20 mile round trips with my nearly four year old son on the back, good for strength, and there are some lovely pinching hills in south east London and Kent! I’ll end up with thunder thighs (end up, I mean they’re here already) but at least my legs will be strong. By this point in the marathon training I’d planned on being a lean, mean, fighting machine – battling sugar cravings with a Star Wars laser, living on brown rice and organic free-range chicken. Reality; Good Friday saw two Hot Cross Buns journey down my ‘meant-to-be-gluten-free’ oesophagus, a piece of award winning ‘Dennis of Bexley’ butcher’s Greek Lamb pie and some cream crackers and cheese, and some mini eggs, but lots of water, yes, lots of water! Oh well, we can all pig out a day here or there, especially 5 days pre-menstrual!

I am very much concerned with maintaining a svelte figure, I just feel so much better when I’ve had a good day of running and eaten well but I won’t become obsessed with being slim to the point where I’ll live carb-free and treat-free. No, I don’t want to be skinny like Victoria Beckham. I’d rather carry an extra few pounds and enjoy sports and other exercise!

Enough about my relationship with food, I was hitting training targets for a 03:45ish marathon but it is very unlikely I’ll get near that now, my training has been so fragmented. Looking at the Yassoo 800s, my best marathon time will be 03:21. I can run 10 x 800s around 03:21 without too much trouble and with a good strength program those times would undoubtedly fall. I envisage running the first 16 miles at 08:45-9:00 pace, then having to walk (or really slow run) until 20 miles then go for another run until 26.2. We’ll see!

I’m fundraising for Children’s Liver Disease and this is a task in itself. Being a full-time Mum, part-time night-working acolyte to the entertainment industry doesn’t always give me time to make things happen.