One Week On, One Week Off – Everything

The last few weeks of my first-attempt marathon training efforts have been somewhat blighted. The aggravated peroneal tendons have settled down beautifully and I managed 15 miles on Sunday afternoon without a twitch and only a minor amount of swelling and ‘pulling’ on Monday. This could well have been because I decided to wear 6 inch platform heels on Sunday evening but all is calm with the foot right now. What forces me to cancel another week’s training is a bastard cold, a shivery, achey, runny-nose effort that is leaving me craving nose-wateringly hot food, rum, lemon and not much else. My 3 year old son has also been suffering with a lingering viral illness with intermittent high fevers, cough, cold and high levels of irascibility for the past 8 days, joy of joys.

All this injury and illness has set me back many weeks. I haven’t been able to film Hot Scores, my weekly football video blog, I haven’t been able to play guitar or get stuck into my long-awaited recording project and the marathon training is suffering. I always promised myself I’d do one London Marathon in my life and by hook or by crook I’m doing it this year, then it’s back to 10km and half-marathons. It’s unlikely I’ll be able to go for that 8-minute-mile, 3:40 time but I’ll do my best to get as close to 4 hours as my body will let me!

I have been promising myself a few days upstairs in the studio to record a 4 track EP, a very talented film-making photographer friend of mine has offered to do a music video for me, so in reality I only need to record one song but life isn’t being kind to me on the creative front of late.

On the football front, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to the race for promotion from the Championship. I have a soft spot for Reading, after living close-by for a few years, they are on fire at the moment and storming the top of the division, brilliant stuff. I would love to see them and Southampton secure automatic promotion, the play-off battle will be immense, I fancy West Ham to pip the post, should the eventuality ensue. I was walking back from the supermarket on Saturday evening when I heard the news about Fabrice Muamba. Sudden death in sports is one of medicine’s great mysteries and it just shows how ultra-quick intervention makes the difference in the event of a cardiac arrest of that magnitude. If a young person collapses on the amateur sports field, it is unlikely they would receive treatment sufficient to revive the heart. It wouldn’t come cheap with equipment or training but having a first-aider who can safely use a defibrillator could very well be the difference. Let’s hope Muamba’s previous strong health will facilitate a solid recovery, I would be very surprised if he played at elite level again, given his heart condition.